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Navis Pack & Ship is your solution to pack your delicate, ornate, large and heavy objects.

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Do you have an oversized or fragile item that requires special packing to withstand the harsh shipping environment? Are you looking for a company to offer custom packing for your artwork, antiques, or furniture? If you answered yes to either of these questions, Navis Pack & Ship is your solution. Whether a delicate chandelier, an ornate mirror, or simply a large, heavy object, Navis offers the expertise to ensure your item is packed correctly so it arrives at your destination safely.

We provide packing and shipping services that typically aren't available from mail and parcel centers, movers, or traditional shipping companies.  While other companies may turn you away, our shipping specialists will provide what you are looking for. How so?

Navis Pack & Ship uses proprietary "Packaging Indexes" developed from over 30 years of real-world testing. Our packing professionals match techniques and materials to the fragility of the goods, customer specifications, declared value coverage requirements, and the shipping environment. We pack and ship what others won't or can't.

Navis provides the following Packing Services

  • Initial design consultation & cost estimate.
  • Packing materials and techniques including Foam-In-Place, specialized cushioning, and blocking and bracing to protect your shipment.
  • Made to order crates and pallets built specifically to fit the item and secure it for transport.
  • Custom double wall corrugated containers, furniture wrap, and palletizing based on your shipment requirements.
  • On-site and Off-site crating available.
  • Full service pickup in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Declared value coverage up to any value based on your individual shipment needs.
  • Destination services include standard and premium level white glove delivery to businesses and residences (where available).

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Navis Pack & Ship offer custom packing for large, oversized, fragile, and expensive items?
    1. Our shipping specialists are trained to safely pack any types of items, ensuring they arrive at their destination safely..
  2. Can Navis Pack & Ship send large items internationally?
    1. Yes, Navis Pack & Ship can help you navigate the complex regulations of international shipping while providing competitive shipping rates.
  3. Can Navis Pack & Ship insure custom and specialty packages?
    1. a) Depending on the type of items being shipped, Navis offers declared value coverage.
  4. What types of specialty items is Navis Pack & Ship able to deliver?
    1. We can deliver items of any size and shape including artwork, antiques, electronics, furniture, medical equipment, machinery, and entire estates.

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