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Technology equipment can be challenging to pack, crate, and ship due to its fragility, size, and shape. Most technology equipment requires specialized packing to adhere to carrier industry-specific packing and shipping requirements before shipping. Therefore, working with trusted experts with your valuable tech equipment, whether shipping computers, printers, servers, or heavy office electronics, is crucial.

At Navis Pack & Ship in Conway, SC, we provide door-to-door packing and shipping solutions for all your technology equipment needs. With over three decades in the industry, we have expertise in packaging, crating, and shipping various technology equipment, including IT equipment, sensitive electronics, and laboratory testing equipment.

Protect Your High-Value Equipment

Navis Pack & Ship experts in Conway, SC perform analysis of your equipment to determine the best packing or crating method for your shipment. The intent is to ensure safe electronics transportation through our expert packing process and techniques. Some of our packaging solutions include custom, wood shipping crates, anti-static wrap, Foam-in-Place, and cushioning that help prevent damage to sensitive equipment.

When it comes to server racks, telecom devices, and computers, our professionals employ expert tech equipment handling when packaging and shipping large, heavy, and fragile electronics. This allows for safer and more secure pickup, packaging, crating, shipping, and delivery of such items. With Navis Pack & Ship in Conway, SC, we can ship oversized, heavy, and high-value tech equipment.

Computer Equipment Packaging

Computers are fragile components and among the most vulnerable technology equipment to pack and ship without special care. These items require the utmost protection throughout shipping, from complete packaging assessment to shipping to their destination. Experts at Navis Pack & Ship can determine everything your computer components need for a secure shipping process.

We ensure protection to all your computer equipment during packaging and shipping to minimize vibration that can damage your assets. Our professionals use high quality packaging with suitable cushioning materials to stabilize delicate equipment to prevent stress during shipping.

Tailored Packaging Solutions

Technology equipment comes in different shapes and sizes and requires a particular packing method for secure shipping. At Navis Pack & Ship, we carefully analyze every piece of equipment based on various features to determine the most suitable way to pack it. We then employ the latest packaging technologies to prevent damage. We aim to provide customized packaging solutions for specific products, ensuring we pack and ship your product reliably, safely, and more efficiently.

Our Technology Shipping Services

Navis Pack & Ship in Conway, SC is renowned for excellence in packing, palletizing, crating, boxing, and shipping services. Our technology shipping services focus on providing fast, efficient, and secure packaging and shipping solutions. Some of the reasons to work with Navis Pack & Ship for all your technology shipping needs include;

  • Personalized quotes for packaging and shipping costs
  • Custom crating, double wall grooved containers, and made-to-order pallets for computers, medical, and technology equipment like data centers, CT scanners, MRI machines, and more.
  • Specialized packing techniques and materials
  • Asserted value coverage on any value based on individual shipping needs
  • Full-service pickup in the US and Canada
  • International expertise ensures shipments meet complex custom regulations
  • Dock destination services, including full unpacking and debris removal

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Partnering with a reliable logistics company is essential when looking to pack, crate, and ship technology equipment. At Navis Pack & Ship in Conway, SC, we provide professional and personalized technology equipment services depending on client needs. Find a Navis location near you and tell us about your packaging, crating, and shipping requirements today.

Need a quote? Call us at (843) 397-9556, and we'd be happy to listen and provide a custom solution based on your needs. Thank you for giving Navis the opportunity to earn your trust, and your business.


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