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Antiques Shipping by Navis

Professional Packing

Navis Pack & Ship in Nashville specializes in the packing, of fragile and valuable antiques.

Antiques Shipping by Navis

Custom Crating

Custom crating and double-wall corrugated containers furniture, artwork, sculpture,valuables and more.

When you need to ship antique items, trust Navis Pack & Ship in Nashville for expert packing, crating, and shipping services. With specialized expertise in handling delicate and valuable antiques, our team ensures your precious pieces are handled with care from pickup to delivery, both domestically and internationally. Whether you're shipping antique furniture, sculptures, collectibles, or fine art, Navis Pack & Ship provides tailored solutions to meet your unique shipping needs.

Navis Pack & Ship: Your Trusted Partner for Antique Shipping

With over 30 years of experience, Navis Pack & Ship has earned a reputation for excellence in handling a wide range of antique items, from furniture to sculptures and everything in between. Our knowledgeable staff understands the unique requirements and challenges associated with shipping antiques, catering to the needs of museums, art galleries, auction houses, and private collectors alike.

Our Antique Shipping Services

From heirloom furniture and antique sculptures to collectibles and fine art, Navis Pack & Ship offers tailored solutions for packing, crating, and shipping all types of antique items. Preserve the beauty and integrity of your antiques with our specialized shipping services.

Vintage Furniture and Decor:

Whether it's a delicate Victorian chair or a sturdy mid-century modern table, Navis Pack & Ship ensures your antique pieces are expertly packed and safely transported to their destination. Our team understands the value and sentimental attachment of these vintage items and employs specialized packing materials and techniques to protect them during transit.

Decorative Figures and Collectibles:

From intricate porcelain figurines to large-scale vintage signage, Navis Pack & Ship provides tailored solutions for shipping all types of decorative items. Our experienced team carefully assesses each piece to determine the most suitable packing and shipping methods, ensuring that your collectibles arrive at their destination intact and undamaged.

Antique Furniture and Home Goods:

Navis Pack & Ship understands the significance of antique furniture and home goods, both in terms of monetary value and historical importance. That's why we offer specialized packing and shipping services designed to safeguard these precious items during transportation.

Shipping Antiques with Navis Pack & Ship

Benefit from our team's years of experience in handling delicate and valuable antiques, ensuring they are in safe hands throughout the shipping process with personalized packing, crating, and shipping solutions. We invest in specialized equipment and training designed specifically for antique shipping, including custom crates, padding materials, and handling tools. Protect your investment with comprehensive declared value coverage, providing peace of mind throughout the shipping process, whether you're shipping antiques across the country or around the world, our global network of carriers and partners ensures seamless transportation, including navigating customs procedures for international shipments.

How It Works

Begin your antique shipping journey with a personalized consultation from Navis Pack & Ship. Our experts will assess your unique shipping needs and provide tailored recommendations for a smooth and secure shipping process. Benefit from our range of shipping options, advanced tracking and monitoring capabilities, and hassle-free delivery services. Ready to ship your antiques? Contact Navis Pack & Ship today to learn more about our antique shipping services and experience the difference of shipping with a trusted partner.

Need a quote? Call us at (877) 305-8866, and we'd be happy to listen and provide a custom solution based on your needs. Thank you for giving Navis the opportunity to earn your trust, and your business.


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