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Frequently Asked Questions


  • We evaluate each individual item in any shipment and determine the best way to protect them and meet your needs. We consider the characteristics of the items, the financial, strategic and/or sentimental value of the items, the weight, and the mode of transportation to determine how the items will be packed.

  • Navis is the originator of FLAV™ shipping – items that are fragile, large, awkward and valuable. Navis specializes in packing and shipping items most mail and parcel centers can’t handle due to their packing limitations. Navis specializes in packing and shipping artwork, antiques, furniture, electronics, computer servers, machinery, and equipment. We serve both the residential and business-to-business (B2B) markets.

  • The decision on whether your item needs to be boxed or crated is best left to the packing specialists at Navis. We have over 25 years of experience packing difficult-to-ship items, and match the packing materials and techniques based on the fragility of your goods, specifications, value and shipping and destination requirements.

  • Yes. However, if you pack your own items they are classified as "Packed by Owner" which then can only have declared value coverage for disappearance. So if you are packing fragile items you want to use plenty of bubble wrap, newsprint and/or peanuts to adequately protect the item.


Pickup and Delivery

  • Our standard turn around time for domestic shipments is 10-14 business days from pickup to delivery. For our blanket or pad wrap service it ranges from 3 to 10 weeks. We can always provide expedited service options to meet your needs.

  • Pad wrap refers to the process of wrapping thick moving blankets around your goods to protect them during transit. Pad wrap is used with Van Line carriers, whose trailers have air ride suspension which provides extra shock absorbing capability.

  • Navis can tailor the pickup and delivery options to meet your budget. The following pickup and delivery services are provided by Navis:

    • Terminal means you pickup your shipment at the carrier's nearest terminal and load it into your own vehicle. This is the least expensive option.
    • Curbside means that your shipment will be transported via a reputable carrier, generally on a trailer with one driver. You are responsible for unloading the item from the back of the truck and carrying it into your home or office. When any single piece in a shipment weighs over 70 pounds, we suggest that you request lift-gate delivery or full service delivery. The additional cost could save your back!
    • Curbside + Liftgate enables your shipment to be removed from the truck by the delivery driver, adding to your convenience.
    • Inside Delivery means that the driver will take the item into your garage or the closest inside threshold.
    • White Glove means the driver will take the item into the final destination to a place of your choosing, unpack the item and remove the debris. This is the most expensive option.
  • Yes. When your shipment leaves our warehouse we will provide you with a website address and tracking number that you can use to track the progress of your shipment if available through the carrier.

  • Usually, you will be given a window of a delivery time, not to exceed 4 hours.

  • In most cases, the transportation carrier will contact the person receiving the goods 24 hours in advance and schedule a delivery within a 4 hour window.

  • Yes, you can save money by dropping your items off at one of our locations.

  • We recommend you arrange your shipment one week in advance to allow us adequate time to schedule the pickup for the day you request. However, there is no strict rule regarding notice as usually we can pickup your shipment within 24–72 hours of your initial call. At certain times of the year, we can accommodate last minute moves.



  • Payment in full is required once your shipment is packed and a final weight is determined. We accept all major credit cards as well as checks.

  • No, traditional movers have minimum weights, meaning you pay to move a load whether it weighs 2,000 pounds or not. Navis has no minimum weight requirements, which is how we can help you save on small moves.

  • The least expensive way to ship large boxes of household goods, clothes and non-breakable items is through ground freight.  Boxes will be placed on a pallet, stretch-wrapped and banded to keep them all together.

  • The USAR is the Universal Shipment and Release Agreement. This is the contract between you as a customer and the Navis franchise location. This will detail what is being shipped, the condition of the item(s), the value, the destination of where the shipment is going and the agreed upon price.

  • On standard ground freight shipments the weight of the shipment is used to determine the transportation cost. As a rule of thumb, we can use the estimate and the projected weight to develop a cost per pound. This will give you an idea of how a change in weight will impact the pricing. On parcel freight, air and ocean shipments the transportation cost is determined by the higher of the "actual weight" or the "dimensional weight" of your shipment. Dimensional weight is calculated based on the amount of space (cubic inches, feet or meters) that your shipment will take up on the truck, airplane or ocean vessel. For example, shipping a 5 cubic foot container filled with feathers is going to be based on the "dimensional weight" whereas the same container filled with "pig iron" is going to be based on the actual weight.

  • Unless other arrangements have been made, the total price includes the pickup of your items, the transport back to the warehouse, the packing of the goods, the transport and delivery of the items to the destination and declared value coverage on the items themselves.

  • Limited Access charges may be incurred when a carrier makes a delivery at a location with limited access.  Examples of destinations which may have limited access included, but are not limited to:

    • Camps
    • Carnivials
    • Churces, Mosques, Synagogues, Temples and other religious organizations' addresses
    • Colleges/Universities
    • Construction Sites
    • Fairs
    • Storage Units
    • Prisons
    • K-12 schools, public or private

    Limited access charges possibly may not be charged for shipments to or from schools, colleges, and universities where there is a loading dock and a shipping/receiving employee present to help with loading or unloading.

    In additional, Limited Access charges are not applicable to shipments already charged a Residential Delivery or Pickup fee.

    For exact information on your shipment, please ask your Navis representative for more information.

  • Yes, to see the items Navis cannot ship, click here.


International Shipping

Declared Value Coverage


  • Navis provides short term storage or storage in transit. Some of our locations are able to provide long term storage.