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Navis Pack & Ship of Phoenix is an independently owned and operated business in the expanding Navis network. Navis is the premiere provider of packing and shipping services for difficult-to-ship items in North America. The proprietor of this location - Brett Rushton - is fully certified under Navis' stringent training and operating requirements for packing, shipping, pickup and delivery of fragile, large, awkward and valuable goods. You can't beat our reputation.

Shipping by Navis


Over 30 years of shipping experience with large, fragile and valuable items.

Crating by Navis


Navis Pack & Ship can produce custom wooden crates for any item.

Packing by Navis


We provide specialty packing services that typically aren't available from traditional shipping companies.

Small Moves by Navis

Small Moves

Save time and money, whether you have to move one piece of furniture or an entire house full of items.

White Glove Delivery by Navis

White Glove Delivery

Full White Glove Service, including placement of items into your room of choice.

Pickup & Delivery by Navis

Pickup & Delivery

Navis offers a variety of pickup and delivery options depending on your budget and scheduling needs.

International Shipping

International Shipping

To ensure an error-free and proper international shipping transaction, contact the experts at Navis.

Antiques Shipping by Navis

Antique Shipping

Navis Pack & Ship specializes in the packing, of fragile and valuable antiques.

Art Shipping by Navis

Art Shipping

We understand the packing and shipping requirements of museums, art galleries, auction houses and private collectors.

Auction Shipping by Navis

Auction Shipping

Nationally known auction houses have consistently called upon Navis to coordinate pickup, packing, crating and shipping services.

Electronics Shipping by Navis

Electronics Shipping

Navis specializes in the packing, palletizing / crating / boxing and shipping of all types of electronic equipment.

Equipment Shipping by Navis

Equipment Shipping

Nationwide or worldwide, we have the shipping and packing solutions to ensure your time sensitive or oversized equipment arrives safely.

Estate Shipping by Navis

Estate Shipping

Trusted by estate executors, attorneys, and personal representatives with their complex estate distribution needs.

Freight Shipping by Navis

Freight Shipping

Navis Pack & Ship has earned a reputation for excellence for meeting your logistics needs for shipping freight and cargo.

Freight Shipping by Navis

Furniture Shipping

Business and residential customers alike have come to rely on Navis Pack & Ship when shipping furniture across the country or internationally.

Medical Equipment Shipping by Navis

Medical Equipment

Packing, palletizing / crating / boxing and shipping of fragile and valuable medical equipment.

Senior Downsizing

Senior Downsizing

We understand the care required when handling sentimental and irreplaceable possessions important to the family.

Technology Equipment Shipping

Technology Equipment

Navis knows the challenges, priorities and time constraints involved in shipping valuable technology equipment


Reviewed by Richard S.


I purchased a bronze from an online auction. Working with Brett and Nick in the Phoenix Navis Pack and Ship proved excellent service all around. With very little notice from me, they responded with a special pickup in order to meet the auction house deadline. Excellent communication, fair pricing, and the best packing/shipping job available. Very trustworthy with my prized possession. Very happy with the results and highly recommend Navis Pack and Ship. Thanks Navis,

Richard S.

Reviewed by Paul S.


I own a high end art gallery and have used these guys for shipping of all fragile ceramic pieces. I wouldn't trust anyone else with fragile things. They just shipped a piece to TN and they had the client call them before she opened it so they could explain the best way to open it.  She was amazed!   Highly recommend them for expensive, fragile or awkward things you need shipped. I'm sure they do just fine with normal things too.

Paul S.

Reviewed by Angela C.


Good morning, Nicholas,

Vance's household items were delivered yesterday, and everything appears to be in perfect condition, and he is extremely happy to have all his possessions with him again. You did an outstanding packaging job, one my father would be proud of (he uses more bubble wrap than anyone I've ever known, and takes great pleasure in my difficulty in getting things unwrapped!), and I wanted to thank you for the excellent service. We will most certainly use your services again, should we need to ship more household goods or other large items. It was a pleasure doing business with you!

Angela C

Tempe Chamber of Commerce

Mesa Chamber of Commerce

Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

What Our Clients Are Saying

When Randy Sloan, owner of A Life Designed, needed to ship a Ralph Lauren Club Chair to a client, he turned to Navis Pack & Ship in Phoenix, AZ. Here is Randy's feedback on the job well done by the team at Navis:

“As anyone who has tried to ship large pieces of furniture across the country can tell you, the process can be a royal pain in the (backside)! That';s why it pays to have a professional team handle the ‘heavy lifting’ for you. Here at A Life Designed, we are fortunate to have one such trusted partner to turn to; Navis Pack & Ship. Customer Solutions Manager Kevin Ellwanger and the crew at Navis proved they have the ‘right stuff’ by taking extra care to professionally pack, coordinate shipping and deliver our Ralph Lauren Club Chair, safely and within the time frame window that worked best for our client.”

Upon receiving the shipment the buyer raved:

“Randy… I received the chair this morning. They did an outstanding job with crating it and the delivery team was excellent. Thank you for coordinating. The chair looks amazing and is very comfortable. Quite a steal!”

— R.B., New York City

Randy concluded, “Kudos to the whole Navis team for a job well done!

6 Steps: Crated and Ready
6 Steps: Crated and Ready

When it comes to choosing the best freight shipping company to pack and ship your fragile, large, awkward or valuable items, Navis Pack & Ship is your best choice. With over 30 years of knowledge and experience as our foundation, Navis Pack & Ship in PHOENIX has been creating individualized, custom solutions for people just like you, one shipment at a time.

We know you want a company which views your valuables with the thought, "We treat your items as if they were our own." We know you want a company which is accessible and responsive to your questions from the time of pick-up to delivery. We know you want a company which has already been tested from tens of thousands of shipments, resulting in satisfied clients across the globe.

That company is Navis Pack & Ship. For years, Navis Pack & Ship of Phoenix has helped people just like you shipping all kinds of fragile, large, awkward and valuable items, creating the perfect custom packaging and shipping solutions. Navis Pack & Ship. We get it there with care.

Need a quote? Call us at (480) 354-7000, and we'd be happy to listen and provide a custom solution based on your needs. Thank you for giving Navis the opportunity to earn your trust, and your business.


Brett Rushton
Navis Pack & Ship of Phoenix
5002 S 40th St Ste L
PHOENIX, AZ 85040-2962


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ISPM 15 Crating

ISPM 15 Certified Crates

Avoid Damages and Claims

To quote the lowest price, many Internet shipping companies trade profit for quality handling practices resulting in damages to shipment and possible claims battles.

Protecting Your Items Is Our Priority

Trust Navis Pack & Ship to ensure your items are handled properly. We take great care to handle and pack every shipment as if it were our own, no matter the size, shape or value.

Why Choose Navis

Every day, thousands of satisfied customers in the U.S and Canada choose Navis Pack & Ship to handle their packing and shipping needs, especially for fragile, large, awkward and valuable items.

Proven Shipping Methods with Over 30 Years of Experience

This valuable knowledge and experience ensures that every item is handled properly for domestic and international shipments from the U.S. and Canada.