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Senior Downsizing Shipping Services

Navis helps senior citizens and their families with the difficult task of downsizing.

We understand the care required when handling sentimental and irreplaceable possessions important to the family.

At Navis, we make it easier for you by handling the pickup and shipping of your antiques, furniture, artwork, paintings, and more. Whether you have just one piece or many, our shipping services can make your senior's downsizing a breeze.

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Proud to work, National Association of Senior Move Managers, American Moving & Storage Association, Caring Transitions and IAM
  • National Association of Senior Move Managers
  • American Moving & Storage Association
  • Caring Transitions and IAM

Senior Downsizing Services

  • Full service pickup in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Date-certain pickup option available.
  • Standard or expedited delivery options to meet your budget.
  • Declared value coverage up to any value based on your individual shipment needs.
  • Quick, Personalized Quote to Fit Your Budget, Needs.
  • Destination services include standard delivery or premium level white glove home delivery where available, based on your budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What types of items does Navis Pack & Ship handle for senior downsizing?
    1. We handle the pickup, packing, and shipping of various items during senior downsizing, including antiques, furniture, artwork, paintings, and more. Whether it's a single piece or multiple items, our shipping services are designed to streamline the downsizing process for seniors.
  2. Is there coverage for the value of items being shipped during senior downsizing?
    1. Yes, Navis offers declared value coverage based on the individual shipment needs of the senior downsizing process.
  3. What are the destination services offered for senior downsizing shipments?
    1. Destination services include standard delivery or premium level white glove home delivery where available, allowing flexibility based on your budget and preferences.

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