Your home is fully furnished. You have tables and chairs in the dining room and kitchen; your living room has the mandatory entertainment center and furniture to compliment it, and all the bedrooms are complete with bed sets and dressers. But, something is missing. If you want more life and depth in your home, consider adding a custom aquarium by Ocean Treasures.

Located in San Francisco, California, Ocean Treasures has been serving residential and commercial clients with premiere aquarium services since 2010. Their services include high quality custom fresh and salt water aquarium design, installation, maintenance, and renovation. Before Ocean Treasures, the store was called Boutique Aquarium, a services store that only offered aquarium maintenance. However, they added custom design, installation and renovation to their catalog when a new owner took over the business.

If you’re in search for a custom designed aquarium, Ocean Treasures' team of talented aquatic artists will help design and build your dream aquarium for your home or business, according to your specifications and budget. They have artists who specialize in freshwater and salt water reefs as well as synthetic reefs. In addition, their vendor contacts within the aquarium and cabinet manufacturing industry remains a key strength in creating a beautiful aquarium; Ocean Treasure works very closely with them to meet the demands of any build.

If you need installation services, Ocean Treasures' staff will be happy to assist you. Installation of an aquarium is done in a timely and professional manner. Every installation includes a follow-up inspection to make sure everything is running properly. Maintenance contracts are also available. These contracts ensure that your aquarium is kept looking beautiful by the maintenance services below, per their website:

  • Gravel vacuum for fish only tanks (predator fish)
  • 15-20% water change (1.021 for fish only, 1.025 for Reef)
  • We make our own water through our RO/DI systems ensuring the highest quality of fresh or salt water. (Most store bought water has phosphates that cause algae!)
  • Internal and external cleaning (no magnets)
  • Maintain, fix, or replace all equipment.
  • Monitor fish or corals for health issues
  • Care for fish if external disease is present
  • Supply fish or coral as desired and delivered with a competitive price.
  • Guarantee livestock for 2 weeks with credit towards future purchase.
  • Resolve or work with any problematic issues such as algae, cyanobacteria, and pests.
  • Evaluate and suggest recommendations to resolve system weaknesses.
  • Professional consultation of all suggested services and estimates before any work is done

Fresh Water Aquarium Salt Water Aquarium

Image: Ocean Treasures Facebook

Source: Ocean Treasures Facebook

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