You’ve been living in your home for quite a while and may have accumulated all the extra appliances, furniture, and various junk throughout the years. Even your storages are full and you need extra space in your home. Or maybe you just bought new dishwasher, tub, or some kind of large appliance, and you have no idea what to do with the old one. If you want to get rid of some extra stuff to get back some living space, donate your modern and gently used appliances, furniture, and building materials to Community Forklift located in Edmonston, Maryland.

As part of their mission to uplift communities, Community Forklift has been receiving and selling donations of building materials, such as used appliances, and lumber in the Prince George’s County since 2005. And with several partners backing them including Ace Waste Recycling, A Few Cool Hardware Stores, Details, Eco City Farms, Junk In The Trunk, National Association Of Remodelers Industries, The National Building Museum, and Wholesalers USA, Inc., they’ll make sure Community Forklift’s inventory will never run dry. Community Forklift receives and sells a wide range of used appliances and building materials such as air conditioning units, radiators, bathroom vanities, sinks, tubs, toilets, ceiling fans, kitchen cabinets & sets, mantles, doors, mirrors, tools, wood flooring, windows, bricks, lumber, masonry, and much more. In addition, Community Forklift offers programs and holds special events to further help the community. One community program Community Forklift offers is HELP (Home Essentials Program), a charity-based program that provides appliances and other essential home items to those who qualify for low-income or other need-based assistance. For more information about their programs, or on how you can donate or buy from their inventory, visit their website at


Image: Community Forkflift website & Facebook
Source: Community Forkflift website & Facebook

Community Forklift Contact Information
4671 Tanglewood Drive
Edmonston, MD 20781
Phone: (301) 985-5180
Fax: (301) 985-5182

Do you want to make a positive impact on society? If so, support your local community by donating your gently used home appliances or building materials. Here at Baltimore & Washington D.C. Navis Pack & Ship located in Halethorpe, MD, we will happily pack and deliver your donation to community outreach organizations like Community Forklift. We know each customer is different so Navis offers a variety of pickup and delivery options depending on your budget and scheduling needs. We can handle all aspects of the shipping process including pickup, packing, crating, declared value coverage and delivery for your domestic and international shipping needs. Other packing and shipping services that we offer are Antiques, Art, Auctions, Computers, Electronics, Equipment & Machinery, Estate & Trust Distribution, Freight, Furniture, Medical Equipment, Senior Downsizing, and Technology Equipment. With our great reputation for handling fragile, large, and awkward objects, you can trust us with all your packing and shipping needs. Congratulations to Community Forklift for being our Local Business/Organization of the Week!

Baltimore & Washington D.C. Navis Pack & Ship
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Halethorpe, MD 21227-2562
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