“It’s cost more to ship it than to buy it” is an often bragged about expression when consumers purchase goods through online marketplaces such as eBay®.  While everyone loves a good deal, it is important to consider the shipping or packaging costs that might be involved to get the item to you in the condition you bought it.  Whether you will be shipping furniture, shipping art or shipping antiques, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind before you make the purchase:

  1. Contact the Seller to gather more information about the item, including overall dimensions and approximate weight, in addition to the Seller’s zip code.  Ask the Seller what company they typically use or who they recommend to package and ship the item.
  2. If the Seller doesn’t have any recommendations, contact a reputable packaging and shipping company to get an estimate of what costs might be involved.  Make sure the estimate includes pickup, packaging, shipping, delivery and declared value coverage.   
  3. Review the Seller’s feedback.  Look for comments about similar items purchased and check to see if the items arrived in good condition or if they arrived damaged.  This may indicate that additional packaging or a different mode of transportation may be needed.

After you have done a little research, factor in the cost of the item with the cost to package and ship it.  If it is still a great deal, make sure that you make arrangements to have a professional company such as Navis Pack & Ship get it to you with care.  Explore our website for more information on packaging and shipping furniture or other great treasures you find online.

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