In the past, the state of Hawaii has created a conundrum for businesses looking to break into the distant but important set of islands. While Hawaii is part of the United States, and its economy continues to grow, it remains about 2,500 miles from the coast of California. That distance makes shipping to Hawaii a unique and potentially expensive operation. But with the right information, you can navigate these issues with confidence. Here’s a quick guide to freight shipping to Hawaii.

There are two types of freight shipping to Hawaii:

Air Freight: Air freight services refer to the shipment of goods via air carrier. Air freight shipping to Hawaii is the quickest and most secure shipping solution, but it’s also likely to be the more expensive solution. While air freight is often associated with large shipments, any size of shipment can be delivered through the air. 

Ocean Freight: Ocean freight services refer to the shipment of goods via ship. Ocean freight shipping to Hawaii is an effective shipping solution for any size of shipment, but limited carriers and longer transit times mean a greater lag in delivery.

Do I Need Freight Services?

Freight services are not required for shipping to Hawaii. Depending on the size and volume, shipments to Hawaii can be handled by any of the major parcel carriers, including USPS, UPS, and FedEx. These carriers provide the most efficient shipping services for infrequent personal shipments that aren’t time-sensitive. 

Here are a few examples of when we recommend using freight shipping services:

You’re moving to Hawaii with household goods. If you don’t want to part with your home furniture and other goods, it’s a good idea to send them using ocean freight services. Ocean freight shipping offers secure shipping at a reasonable price. While not as fast as air freight, ocean freight will come at a much lower cost than air or parcel services. 

Your shipment is time-sensitive. If your shipment to Hawaii must be delivered by a specific date, your best bet is to use air freight services. While this is likely to be more costly, air freight is without a doubt the quickest and most secure shipping option.

You’re shipping a large volume of goods. If you’re making consistent large shipments to Hawaii, freight shipping offers the most efficient route to Hawaii. Freight shipping, either through air or sea, allows businesses to reserve space on cargo planes and ships at the best price.

Be sure to double check all restrictions and regulations when shipping to Hawaii. While shipments to the islands are domestic, the state does have limitations on the shipment of certain plant and animal species. Shipping schedules and transit times can vary greatly from week to week, so it’s important that all arrangements are thoroughly vetted.

Whether you are shipping a one-time package through a major carrier, or you’d like to take advantage of the efficiency of freight shipping to Hawaii, Navis Pack & Ship provides the resources and know-how to get your shipments to their final destination. For more information on scheduling a freight shipment to Hawaii, contact or find a Navis Pack & Ship in your area.

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