Whether you need to downsize or move an estate, estate shipping can be a complex, time-consuming and emotional process. Family heirlooms are priceless and highly significant; therefore, much care is essential while handling the process. Also, the fragile items may need to be transported to different locations, complicating the process even further. Your premier estate shipping partner illustrates how estate shipping works to ensure your valuables reach your destination in one piece.

A Guide to the Estate Shipping Process

Estate shipping includes the distribution and delivery of estate items to their respective recipients with the authority of estate executors, attorneys, and personal representatives. Navis Pack & Ship specializes in the packing, crating, and shipping of estate items including fine art, furniture, antiques, family heirlooms, electronics, equipment and more.

Initial Consultation:

The initial process starts with finding your local Navis Pack & Ship, a reputable shipping partner who understands the demanding task ahead. This prompts the executor to provide specific details about the items and belongings that need to be shipped. The client also indicates the scope of the move and the destination for each piece in the estate.

Inventory and Assessment:

This process involves inspecting and assessing all the items you will be shipping. This helps Navis evaluate the items, determine pick-up, packing, or crating plans, and inspect for any existing damage. 

Customized Plan:

Every client needs a custom plan that suits the nature and condition of the items to be shipped. Estate shipping involves fragile items that require a personalized approach and care. In this stage, estate shipping specialists will determine the best way to pack or crate each item, discuss if items need to be picked up, verify destinations for each shipment, and if any additional services like white glove delivery need to be added.

Packing and Crating:

Proper packaging and/or crating is important to avoid damage and ensure protection during the shipping process. At this stage, packing experts offer their expertise to ensure your items are packed correctly to withstand harsh shipping environments. These items are correctly labeled to ensure they are handled accordingly.


Transportation is the most vital part of the estate shipping process. Therefore, it is at this stage that Navis will help you determine the best option depending on the nature of the items and any specific timelines you must follow. 

Unpacking and Set-Up:

This is where additional delivery services like white glove or inside delivery come into play. This includes placing furniture, arranging items, and unpacking boxes as specified. This depends on the original agreement between the two parties. These services are often added for large, heavy, or valuable items that the recipient may not have the ability to move by themselves.

Choose Navis for Estate Shipping

When facing the challenges of downsizing or moving an estate, estate shipping emerges as a complex and time-consuming process. Handling valuable family heirlooms requires the utmost care throughout the entire process. Additionally, the transportation of fragile items to different locations adds another layer of complexity to the process. As your premier estate shipping partner, Navis Pack & Ship has proven themselves as the most reliable estate shipping partner in the space. Contact your local Navis Pack & Ship today to discuss your upcoming estate shipping needs.

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