Shipping a server from one place to another is no easy task. Because servers are critical to the operation of a business and are used to store sensitive and important employee and customer data, security becomes a significant hurdle when transporting a server. 

Using experienced computer packing and shipping experts like Navis Pack & Ship can streamline the process of shipping your servers, resulting in cost savings and peace of mind that will get your servers to their destination intact and delivered on time. Here is how to ship a server with Navis Pack & Ship to make your server relocations almost seamless.

We Help You Plan Accordingly

Because physical and data security concerns are of the utmost importance, we'll need to know the exact dimensions and unique requirements of the server being shipped to provide the best protection during shipping. Call us for a consultation so that we can accurately assess the size, weight, fragility, and any other distinctive handling requirements of the server being transported. Once we have this information, we can tailor the scheduling, packing or crating and shipping processes to meet those needs.

Schedule the Shipment Based On Your Needs

We understand that shipping your server may have strict timelines for your business operations. We know you can't afford unnecessary downtime because the server did not arrive when it should have. That's why we provide multiple shipping options that prioritize your preferences and unique needs. If needed, we'll come to you to pick up the server and any other accessories for shipping. Once we transport the server back to your secure warehouse, we’ll pack and likely crate it to ensure it’s safe from damage. Extra delivery options include white glove delivery, from unloading and placing it into the room of your choice to removing all packing materials, crates, and pallets.  

We Pay Close Attention to Packaging

We can tailor the packaging and crating according to what we've learned through the assessment to provide the best protection while in transit. If your server is particularly unique, we can build a custom shipping crate to make sure it can be transported with maximum safeguards. In addition to focusing on the outside packaging requirements, we use specialty packing materials inside to cushion the server and prevent it from moving or shifting during transit and to avoid potential damage to electronic components.

We Provide Tools to Track the Server Shipment

Communication is a very important part of our process. When your servers are shipped, you'll be able to track the shipment to stay up-to-date on where your servers are in the shipping process. Even if you're shipping your servers internationally from the US or Canada, you'll still be able to track the shipping progress no matter the destination.

Find a Navis Location Near You

Need a server picked up, packed, crated, and shipped? Navis Pack & Ship is your safest and most reliable choice to ship servers, equipment, and other valuable electronics. You can start the process of shipping your server by finding a Navis location near you. To discuss an upcoming shipment or request a server shipping quote, contact Navis Pack & Ship today.

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