Aquarium owners understand the level of care it takes to maintain a healthy environment for their pets. That same level of care should be applied when it’s time to ship that aquarium. With proper preparation and careful handling, you can quickly move your aquarium and its accessories without damage. Here are a few tips and options for shipping your aquarium. 

Remove plants and decor. After you’ve unplugged the aquarium from any power sources, you can start removing any plants and decorations. If you’re attempting to preserve any plants, we recommend wrapping them in damp paper towels before placing them in plastic bags. Decor, including rocks, driftwood, caves, ships, and any other personal pieces should be cleaned and dried before securing them in bubble packaging. 

Remove pump, light, and filtration system. The last items to remove from the aquarium are the most important and should be handled accordingly. Wrap these parts in bubble packaging to ensure proper protection during shipping.

Pack into an appropriate shipping container. You should be able to pack the plants, decor, pump, light, and filtration system into one box. Fill in any remaining gaps in the box with bubble packaging to keep parts from shifting during shipping. Be sure to mark the box as fragile.

Drain water from the aquarium. This might be obvious, but we want to avoid any confusion. Your aquarium must be drained of any water before shipping. The most traditional way to drain an aquarium is with a siphon hose. Some owners have had more success using a gravel cleaner. Either way, all water must be removed before packing.

Pack the aquarium. Start by removing the lid, wrapping it in multiple layers of bubble packaging. With the lid now off, fill the empty aquarium with protective padding. Pillows or towels are worthy solutions. Then wrap the aquarium in blankets or another protective layer before carefully placing the wrapped lid and aquarium into an appropriately sized box. Don’t forget to leave enough room in the box for the smaller box you previously packed. Once all parts are in the larger box, fill in any remaining gaps with newspaper or bubble packaging. 

Load the shipping container. Aquariums and their associated parts are extremely fragile, so it’s important that you prepare the loading vehicle or trailer before moving the aquarium. Make sure that the loading surface is flat and that you have proper straps to secure the container. Do not attempt to move the container on your own. While some aquariums are smaller than others, it’s always a good idea to find some help. 

In fact, finding professional help is always the most reliable shipping solution. The pros at Navis Pack & Ship have decades of experience packing and shipping the large, awkward, and fragile, including aquariums. Contact a Navis Pack & Ship in your area, and we can set up a custom shipping solution that will get your aquarium to its destination safely and at the lowest cost available.

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