Grandfather clocks are high-quality, vintage timepieces that require proper care. Moving such a valuable antique can be challenging, and requires professional handling to maintain its longevity, craftsmanship, and performance. With more than 30 years in the packing and shipping industry, Navis Pack & Ship is here to help you move or ship valuable items safely.

General Guidelines for Handling a Grandfather Clock

It is important to be careful when handling a grandfather clock as you are dealing with delicate pieces. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Wear gloves: Your hand could stain, discolor, or tarnish the brass parts inside the clock. Covering your hands with a cotton cloth or wearing gloves can reduce the risk.
  2. Get assistance from a horologist: A horologist is a clock specialist who will ensure that all of the components are disassembled, wrapped, and packed safely and securely for shipping.
  3. Disassemble before moving: Grandfather clocks are fragile and heavy. The weights and pendulum rely on balance to work properly. Moving the clock while assembled may swing or break the decorations and pieces, causing significant damage.


The first step to shipping your grandfather clock is properly preparing it for transit. Follow these steps to ensure a successful shipping process. As always, the grandfather clock shipping experts at Navis Pack & Ship can help with any of the packing or crating process.

  1. Disassemble the Clock
    It is recommended that you contact a horologist to ensure the proper removal of the clock’s more sensitive parts—these are the weights and pendulum.
  2. Secure the Movable Components
    A grandfather clock has moveable pieces you cannot disassemble, such as cables, chains, and chime rods. Secure all of these parts using bubble packaging to prevent them from colliding with each other or other parts during shipping.
  3. Remove the Decorative Parts
    Depending on its design, your grandfather clock may have glass, shelves, and other decorative pieces. Remove all of these pieces and individually wrap them using bubble packaging. These items may be delicate, and it is recommended that you ship them in a different package to avoid damage.
  4. Lock the Clock
    After disassembling all of the removable components and securing the fixed components, reinstall the access panels. Lock or tape all of the panels and doors to prevent them from opening during transportation.


After preparing your grandfather clock and all its components, you must carefully pack and box them. Once again, we recommend discussing the packing or crating process with a Navis shipping professional. This will give you peace of mind that your valuable grandfather clock will be safe and secure during transit.

  1. Wrap the Weights and Pendulums
    Wrap the weights and pendulums with bubble packaging to protect them. You can box these pieces separately, secure them to the clock, or place them in a compartment in the clock's crate. This compartment is specially designed to carry these parts.
  2. Wrap and Pack the Grandfather Clock
    Use multiple layers of bubble packaging and shrink wrap to secure the clock. Secure the glass using a piece of cardboard. You can also wrap the clock using moving blankets and moving tape to hold each piece in place.
     After securely wrapping the clock, lay it on its back inside a corrugated box. Use bubble packaging to fill all of the empty spaces in the box to prevent the clock from moving. You can put the corrugated box in a wooden crate designed to fit the clock.
  3. Wrap and Pack the Decorative Pieces
    Wrap each piece and adornment separately and securely using bubble packaging. These pieces come in different materials, designs, and shapes. Wrap each piece using the most appropriate technique to ensure its safety.
  4. Label the boxes
    Labeling the boxes will make identifying where each part is stored easier. You can add special instructions such as "handle with care," "fragile," and "this side up" to ensure they are handled properly and safely.


Shipping a grandfather clock can be challenging. It is a high-value antique that requires careful handling to ensure that none of its components are damaged. Navis Pack & Ship understands the value and care needed to ensure the safe delivery of such an item.

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