A game of pool is a simple way to bring people together but shipping a pool table can be a little more complicated. The size and unusual features of a pool or billiards table make them a challenge to move, pack, or ship. But with a few insights and some muscle, you can ship a pool table without worry of damaging these valuable pieces. Here’s a quick guide on how to ship a pool table.

Disassemble the pool table

The safest and most convenient strategy for shipping a pool table starts with taking it apart. 

Detach the pockets. Remove the screws or staples that are securing the pockets in place. The pockets will remain in place for now.

Remove bolts from the rail. Each rail will have 2-4 bolts located on their bottom side. Use a socket wrench to remove each bolt.

Remove pockets and rails. With each rail and pocket now detached, remove each piece and set them aside with care.

Remove felt. The felt is usually stapled to the table. Carefully remove each staple to detach the felt from the table. Felt is especially sensitive and important to play, so it might be worth it to have it replaced upon reassembly.

Remove table screws. You should be able to locate several screws in the table structure itself. They are usually found at the corners of the table. These are most easily removed with a drill due to their depth.

Carefully remove table parts. A pool table is made up of two or three parts. Separate each part of the table, and set them aside with care. Any damage could affect the long-term playability of the pool table.

Disassemble the frame. Flip the frame upside down, so the legs are facing up. Remove the bolts attaching the legs of the table to the frame.

Load the pool table on to a trailer or into a freight container

Whether you or the future owner of the pool table are serious players or the table holds sentimental value, the integrity of the table significantly affects the value of the piece. The primary pieces of the table are heavy, so it’s imperative that you have help and that the pieces are handled with care. 
The most effective technique for securing the table starts with stacking the two or three sections of the table on each other. Use furniture straps to hold the pieces together. Then attach separate furniture straps to trailer slats or any secure anchor. Now simply secure the remaining parts of the table, including the pockets, rails, felt, and bolts, and your table is ready for transport.

A Better Solution

Shipping a pool table requires extreme care and know-how. Contacting a packing and shipping company is often the more efficient and less stressful solution. Navis Pack & Ship offers flexible pickup and delivery services, including white glove service. Let us handle the awkward and heavy. Contact the Navis Pack & Ship in your area.  

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