By following recommended principles for packaging and labeling, you can ship your laptop in a safe and timely way without worry. If a laptop isn't properly packaged, it runs the risk of being broken during transit.

Preparing a Laptop for Shipping

It's important to be cautious when sending electronics, especially computers, because of their fragility and value. Below is how you can prepare a laptop for shipment:

1. Select the Correct Box

Always utilize a double box, with the outer box measuring at least 6 inches more in width than the inner box. Fill the interior box with paper and bubble packaging. A laptop should be sent in a box that is just slightly bigger than the device to provide extra padding on all sides.

2. Protect Any Buttons Exposed on the Sides of the Closed Laptop

The use of plastic wrap can protect your laptop buttons from damage, particularly if the container is exposed to liquids or moisture during shipping.

3. Place a Layer of Packing Material Between the Screen and the Keyboard

A small piece of bubble packaging or foam can be placed between the screen and the keyboard to prevent damage between the two when the laptop is closed.

4. Wrap the Entire Laptop in Bubble Packaging Before Boxing

Air pockets and bubble packaging for packing protect your laptop from moving around and cracking.

Label the Package Correctly

You can face a large fine if anything goes wrong due to packaging being improperly labeled. Ensuring your package is properly labeled is the first step to a trouble-free delivery.

Ensure the outside box is labeled clearly as containing a lithium-ion battery before sending it off. You should also designate your package as "fragile" to avoid any mishandling during shipping.

Comply With Regulations Regarding the Shipping of Laptop Batteries

When shipping a laptop, there are regulations you need to comply with to avoid any issues.

The laptop's battery is not removable under any circumstances. However, there are regulations to follow, which change based on the laptop's carrier and final destination. This information is subject to change, so check with your carrier for the latest information. Navis Pack & Ship’s electronics shipping experts can assist in properly packing your laptop. It's a good idea to label the exterior of the packaging with the battery type.

Covering Your Laptop Shipment

In addition to being a significant financial investment, laptops can also be a security risk. Make sure to report the value of your laptop.

Thanks to shipping coverage, shippers can rest easy knowing they are covered if a delivery is lost, stolen, or damaged. Additionally, it's a fantastic method for reducing anxiety about the safety of your laptop. It's wise to take additional precautions, particularly with expensive computers.

Ship Your Laptop with Navis Pack & Ship

Learning how to ship a laptop isn't a complicated process, but it’s important to always take the time to package your laptop carefully. In addition, you should check with your chosen shipping service to ensure that lithium-ion batteries are acceptable for transport.

If you ship your laptop through Navis Pack & Ship, we can help you get it to its destination much faster, no matter the distance. Due to our partnerships with multiple truck, air, and ocean carriers, you can choose the most expedient and secure shipping method for your unique needs.

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