At Navis Pack & Ship, we understand the shipment and delivery of your fragile computer and electronic equipment is important to you.  In addition to consideration of the mode of transportion and transit time, we rely on expert packing techniques to get your items delivered safely.  Below are some answers to frequently asked questions when shipping electronics:

Q. Does Navis Pack & Ship provide packaging for all types of electronics and computers?

A. Yes. Navis Pack & Ship specializes in computer packaging for both small and large electronics and computer components.

Q. Does Navis Pack & Ship offer to pickup computers and electronics for shipping?

A. Yes. Navis Pack & Ship does all the heavy lifting. We will pickup your computer, server or electronic equipment at your home or office.

Q. Does Navis Pack & Ship offer onsite packing?

A. Absolutely. Navis Pack & Ship can dismantle your computer and electronic components and pack onsite using double wall corrugated boxing, custom crating or palletizing.

Q. Does Navis Pack & Ship provide coverage for computers and electronics shipping?

A. Yes. Navis Pack & Ship can provide declared value coverage for your computer or electronic equipment.

Q. How does Navis Pack & Ship protect fragile computer and electronic components?

A. Navis Pack & Ship has a multi-level system of protection for computers and electronics. Some of these include:

  • Anti-static bubble wrap
  • Double walls of corrugated box
  • Foam in place packing
  • Custom, protective crating

Q. What are some of the typical computer or electronic equipment that require specialized packaging?

  • PCs, laptops, CPUs, data centers
  • Vacuums and table saws
  • Slot machines, video arcades, jukeboxes
  • Residential electronics, sound systems, big screen TV’s™, amplifiers

Q. What delivery options are available?

A. Navis Pack & Ship has a full range of delivery services to fit your time schedule and budget. These include:

  • Curb
  • Terminal
  • Warehouse
  • Home
  • Office

Navis Pack & Ship provides the safest packaging and delivery of computers and electronics available. Explore our website for more information on shipping electronics or our professional packaging methods. Navis Pack & Ship is the ultimate in shipping electronics safely.  goNavis!

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