At Navis Pack & Ship, we take shipping art seriously. Whether it is a sentimental family painting or a priceless Monet, we know you want your precious art to arrive safely.  Below are some answers to commonly asked questions when shipping art:

Q. Does shipping art require special packaging?

A. Definitely. Art shipping requires specialty packaging by a skilled professional service.

Q. What kind of packaging is necessary for art shipping?

A. Due to the fragility and value of the items, art shipping requires high quality materials such as customized boxes and fine art crates to ensure safe shipping.

Q. What kinds of materials does Navis Pack & Ship use for art shipping?

A. Navis Pack & Ship uses glassine to protect the oil on a canvas, glass mask to protect the glass on artwork, and double strength cardboard boxes and double layers of foam to prevent any slippage or breakage. Navis also offers a variety of crating options including fine art crates, corner lock crates, and slat crates to further protect your items during transit.

Q. Does Navis Pack & Ship offer ISPM-15 crates for shipping internationally?

A. Navis Pack & Ship’s crates can be designed with specialty ISMP-15 treated wood to meet the import/export compliance regulations mandated by many countries across the world to ensure a pest free shipping container.

Q. What type of items can Navis Pack & Ship handle?

A. The following are some of the items that need specialized shipping and packaging:

  • Framed and unframed paintings, drawings and photographs
  • Sculptures of marble, wood, metal, stone or glass
  • Ceramics and pottery
  • Art glass
  • Architectural models
  • Figurines and collectables
  • Antiques and Movie props
  • Museum exhibitions
  • Gallery exhibitions
  • Historic artifacts
  • Family heirlooms

Q. Does Navis Pack & Ship provide coverage for my items?

A. Navis Pack & Ship offers declared value coverage for all fine art, including high value items.

Q. What are the pickup and delivery options?

A. Navis Pack & Ship provides both domestic and international shipping, with a variety of pickup and delivery options to meet your needs. Whether you want to drop off your items or have us do a full white glove delivery, we can meet your needs.

Navis Pack & Ship considers safety our number one priority.  Our job only ends when the artwork arrives safely at its destination.  At Navis Pack & Ship we specialize in packing, crating and shipping art. goNavis!

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