At Navis Pack & Ship, we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of business customers requesting crating and technology equipment shipping to international destinations.  The number of requests are being driven by companies that are downsizing as well as moving operations overseas to save money.

A few key points to remember when shipping technology equipment to international destinations:

  1. The mode of shipping is important.  Air shipping, while sometimes more expensive is the safest method of transport.  Whether or not the equipment contains valuable data, the value of the equipment and size of the equipment should play a role in whether or not to go air or ocean for your international shipment.
  2. Ocean shipments while the least expensive can take several weeks to arrive.  Be careful using this mode if you have a deadline for your shipment to arrive.  Additionally, ensure the packing and shipping company you use knows how to prepare technology equipment for the moisture that most ocean shipments are exposed to.
  3. Both air and ocean international shipment pricing are based on dimensions, but air can get very expensive very quickly if the dimensions get to large.  A good crating and shipping company can cut down on the dimensions through consolidation and wise use of inner packing materials to save you money.
  4. Transit Insurance does not cover you for damage to internal components without damage to outer container.  Additionally, if you pack it yourself and the shipment is damaged most transit insurance adjusters examine your work closely.  If you packed it improperly expect the claim to be denied.  Reputable packing and shipping companies are insured for their work regardless.  You simply tell them what your equipment is worth, let them pack it and the risk is much less.
  5. Customs can be a nightmare for shipping technology equipment as the U.S. Government looks to protect our intellectual property.  Ensure you choose an experience forwarder/shipper that can guide you through the paperwork required.

We hope these few key points will help you or someone you know with their future shipping needs.

If you need help, remember Navis Pack & Ship is your solution whether you are shipping one computer server or an entire data center within the U.S. or internationally.  Explore our website for more information on technology equipment shipping or international shipping.

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