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Reviewed by dnuzzo on May 15, 2017


Awesome service! We will definitely use them again.

Reviewed by karmerik on May 14, 2017


It was my first eBay purchase from a live auction in America. When I won the item I was bidding on, I was a bit apprehensive about arranging shipping from the USA to Australia. However, Navis Pack and Ship made it a smooth and hassle free experience, and were also the cheapest shipping quote that I obtained. From pick up at the auction house in Maryland to delivery in Adelaide, Australia took less than a week which was incredible. The Item was also very well packed and arrived in perfect condition. All in all it was a smooth and seamless operation.....

Reviewed by benjaminbrand on May 12, 2017


Great packing of glass framed art. Arrived perfectly intact. Thanks.

Reviewed by nc1064 on May 12, 2017


Gary and his crew did an excellent job for us

Reviewed by egbarringer on May 12, 2017


I was a first time buyer at an auction house. I didn't know that I would be responsible
for arranging pickup of the item.

Thank heaven for Navis Pack and Ship. All I had to do was make a call and they took
care of everything. All employees were very nice and efficient.

Couldn't have done this without Navis!

Reviewed by ScreaminGreenMockingbird-33645 on May 10, 2017


Very professional, will use again!

Reviewed by Laguna Lampie on May 10, 2017


Navis did EXACTLY what I wanted and then went above and beyond that to get my things from CA to NY. The shipment arrived in perfect condition and I couldn't be happier!

Reviewed by ParisGreenCoypu-55922 on May 9, 2017


Navis is the most professional, efficient, and courteous shipping company I've ever trusted and used in my life. Navis's communication and procedures are top notch. I couldn't be more satisfied with their shipment of our antique Persian rug from one coast to the other.

Reviewed by FallowPike-15473 on May 8, 2017


We build custom display fixtures for high end retailers. Each piece is extremely delicate. Navis does a great job and creating boxes lined in foam to protect each piece that is shipped. They are also very fast at what they do and great at communicating and coordinating each project. We love using them!

Reviewed by TerraCottaChipmunk-981 on May 5, 2017


I had contracted Navis to pick and deliver some windows for me from a warehouse. The contents were loaded on the truck destined for my home. When they arrived however, the windows were not the ones I ordered, but rather another order that had mistakenly been placed on the truck. The driver immediately went about solving the problem. The next day the issue was resolved, I received my windows..
Thanks for a great experience.

Reviewed by SatinSheenGoldWhitefish-42878 on May 2, 2017


I called NAVIS when a client was concerned about costs to ship and was giving exhorbitent numbers of her expectations.

Reviewed by PastelPinkSnake-92429 on May 2, 2017


Excellent customer service and quick shipping to destination.

Reviewed by MauvelousMonkey on May 1, 2017


This is the second time we have shipped with Navis. Each time it has been professionally packed and delivered in a timely manner, always within the estimated time period and in excellent condition.

Reviewed by TurquoiseGreenAnglerfish-39364 on May 1, 2017


I had a small move from NY to California . All went smooth. 14 days later I was done. Great service. They packed many of my boxes. Nothing lost. Nothing broken. Thank you!

Reviewed by PersianPinkPeacock-65047 on May 1, 2017


I used Navis once but am highly satisfied with the work they did. Fast quote, professional packing, fast pick up, fast delivery. What more do you want? Will recommend Navis to anyone who needs this type of service.

Reviewed by GreenRaccoon on May 1, 2017


We have used Navis to ship a variety of items, including a Victorian bedroom set. Everything is always packed perfectly so it arrives in the same condition as when purchased. It is a relief to know that your merchandise is in the best hands. You can fully trust that it will arrive on time, safe and sound. We recommend them highly!

Reviewed by LavenderMistXerinae on May 1, 2017


I have utilized Navis Pack and Ship services on two occasions. And in both instances, the company showed much professionalism. The Mover team took great care of my furniture to and from the pick up and drop off points. I would recommend Navis Pack and Ship to anyone in a heart beat. Job well done...very happy with your results in the end.

Reviewed by PalePlumPlanarian-42329 on Apr 30, 2017


I was told that the furniture arrived undamaged. Navis was easy to deal with.

Reviewed by barbara lee grigsby on Apr 29, 2017


Navis goes above and beyond to give excellent service, I highly recommend them.

Reviewed by ParisGreenOkapi-35919 on Apr 28, 2017


What more can be said?
Dave is the best1

Reviewed by PaleChestnutMongoose-59407 on Apr 28, 2017


I recently had some sensitive laboratory equipment packed and shipped via Navis Pack and Ship. The items were packed extremely well and were not damaged in shipping. I would certainly recommend them to any colleagues looking to ship fragile items.
Their customer service was also excellent, and all communication (phone/Email) was informative and friendly.

Reviewed by SalmonAmphibian-20723 on Apr 28, 2017


Evertyhing was packed very well and arrived in perfect condition

Reviewed by DarkKhakiMacaw-91177 on Apr 27, 2017


I trust Navis with my most nerve-wracking shipments. Their team is attentive, on time, careful, and knowledgable. Amazing customer service from the owner to the administrative assistant. I've recommended them many times, and will continue to do so.

Reviewed by Three Centuries on Apr 25, 2017


I bought a painting from an antiques auction nd as usual I follwed the uaction house recommendations re preferredc paxkers and shippers by picking one . a national company...from the list. The response was a one line a dismissive ridiculously expensive approximate quote. Seeing as the quote was not in line with what I wax expecting I asked for a firm quote Only to be told that the approximate quote is actually what the firm quote would be give or take a few dollars.

Navis was not on the auction house's list but I had used Navis before in other states and I was happy with the service and rates. So I contacted Navis maryland for an alternate quote. As it turned out I had forgotten I used Navis in Maryland before and it took the warm welcome back response I got to remind me. The alternate quote I got from navis was quick and firm and was 35% cheaper than the approximate quote I got from the competitor As well the follow up service I got from navis was absolutely stellar. subsequent to this experience did inform the auction house about the difference in service I got from their preferred shipper and Navis and I wad led to believe that going forward Navis will be included in the preferred shippers list of this particular auction house.

Reviewed by PaleAquaEarthworm on Apr 22, 2017


Excellent customer service and efficient scheduling, pickup, and delivery. One of my furniture items, an antique table, received 4 deep gouges on the top surface during the move. Other than that, everything else was delivered safely.

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