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Reviewed by dennis-83594 on Feb 7, 2017


After purchasing a lot from HA's Shirley Temple Black sale, I was instructed to contact an independent shipper to get my lot and send it to me. A friend recommended Navis, and I went with them. They have a most customer friendly service personnel I have found (Samantha!). My lot was fragile and difficult to pack, and I had some doubts about getting them without damage. I DID NOT have to worry! When it arrived it was so well wrapped I don't think an elephant could have damaged it. Great service, great packing, great shipping: what more can you ask for.

Reviewed by luckettc3 on Feb 6, 2017


from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you this company for being there to not only meet my need it to beginning, but allowed me to change course after packing everything up and just getting ready to ship to only have to return everything to the original place we started and all those things never got shipped the service they provided while protecting my things and delivering my furniture was exceptional! I will Use this company time and again.

Reviewed by zglacken on Feb 6, 2017


Navis pack and ship definitely knows what they're doing.
I had a white glove delivery from Cincinnati to Memphis TN - this was a VERY large statu.
They packaged it securely and removed all debris from the delivery site. I'm very pleased with this service!

Reviewed by hvmody on Feb 6, 2017


Timely and accurate quote. Punctual pickup.

Reviewed by paulinekin on Feb 4, 2017


Ross contacted the seller and picked up right way. They packaged my glass cabinet in very professional manner and material. It arrived quickly. I am very appreciated their work. Yes. This is very good choice.

Reviewed by donwburnes on Feb 4, 2017


Excellent help, excellent service.

Reviewed by cbibbrn on Feb 3, 2017


There aren't enough positive words to express how great the services were & how personable the delivery personnel were & prompt. On a scale of 0-10, I'd rate it at 100. As I'm getting older I anticipate I'll be using you a lot in the future & will be highly recommended to everyone.
Thank you. You

Reviewed by RRyan-70964 on Feb 3, 2017


From my first interaction with Lori at the Colorado Springs office, she was helpful, understanding and courteous on every occasion...I needed assistance in having Navis pick up a family heirloom and getting it shipped to Phoenix. Lori arranged the pick up and packaging of this item - and did everything as promised. She followed up after every stage to let me know how all was progressing.

I am an extremely happy and thankful customer. Please let Lori know how much her assistance is valued and appreciated!

Reviewed by jenmaemn on Feb 3, 2017


On time and got the job done.

Reviewed by luniquemax007 on Feb 3, 2017


Very well packaged, received within the proposed deadlines.

Reviewed by ryan-4389 on Feb 2, 2017


We are a local small business and sell very high-end, one of a kind type of merchandise. We have had the pleasure of working with Navis now for close to ten years. They are our go to source for all of our shipping needs. Everyone on board there from the delivery drivers to the upper management are very professional and friendly. Whether you are looking to complete a one time shipment or are hoping to develop a lasting business relationship with a reputable packing and shipping company I would highly recommend giving them a try.

Reviewed by patrobinsontoronto on Feb 2, 2017


Navis Pack and Ship were a dream to work with.

Even though I have purchased art from multiple international auctions and galleries, I'm always a little concerned when shipping art that is older (1930s, 40s and 50s in this shipment). Frames are more delicate - glass can suffer abrasion, etc.

The team at Navis were consistently patient and professional every step of they way. Three packages - each with different special needs - each now safely and easily unpacked and hanging on my wall. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by TCardenas-45812 on Feb 2, 2017


I am not sure if this is related to a specific job or not but we here at ShipSmart use Navis at different locations all over the U.S. on a frequent basis. We are very happy to have just a nice network to work with.

Reviewed by DChristensen-91953 on Feb 2, 2017


Navis packed a very complicated and fragile shipment. It arrived in perfect condition. The packing was incredibly well-done. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by writetowalker on Feb 1, 2017


Outstanding customer service start to finish. Our requirements continued to change and multiple parties were involved but Arlene was a gem; she just rolled with the punches to meet our needs. Our packer/mover showed up promptly, was friendly, and finished quickly. Would definitely do business with Navis again!

Reviewed by AZ9999 on Jan 31, 2017


Great job guys! Appreciate everything you did to take care of my customer.

Reviewed by info-86647 on Jan 30, 2017


The last shipment went without trouble and I am satisfied with Navis.

Reviewed by laura_dreamscapeart on Jan 30, 2017


We have had a great experience with Navis!

Reviewed by creneebomar on Jan 29, 2017


Packing and shipping a valuable piece of artwork was such a great experience with Navis! I was confident that they would take excellent care of my package and they did!

Reviewed by calebcooper03 on Jan 28, 2017


Navis was awesome! I had a very large vintage amplifier that needed to shipped to west coast. Navis did an excellent job. It arrived excellently packed and the entire process was seamless.

Reviewed by paizleyz on Jan 28, 2017


Mr. Oxford and Navis are professionals that, in my experience, have the knowledge and appreciation of fine arts to handle, pack and ship important items with the goal of safe delivery at the highest standards. The price of packing and shipping is reasonable.

Reviewed by schaefergoenni on Jan 28, 2017


Very safety package, air bubble wrap and wooden crate. Absolutely perfect!

Reviewed by mpaull33 on Jan 27, 2017


I'm always satisfied with the Navis Pack and Ship. They do amazing quality work!

Reviewed by rich-6466 on Jan 27, 2017


Great job. Would happily use again.

Reviewed by Noelle-20691 on Jan 27, 2017


I have been using Navis Pack & Ship of Jacksonville for years to ship my fine art to clients. Their service is top notch and can't be beat!

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