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Reviewed by astaszesky on Oct 24, 2019


Working with Sam and Navis Pack & Ship was a great experience. I would highly recommend Navis Pack & Ship. Sam made the arrangements for shipping my grandfathers desk from start to finish an easy, professional and worry-free experience. Sam takes great care of the items he is shipping and cares about his customers.

Reviewed by jhaws-77896 on Oct 23, 2019


Navis is always quick and reliable when it comes to pick ups,crating and shipping.

Reviewed by christrevino on Oct 23, 2019


The driver was courteous. I was informed of where my package when it was picked up, two hours out, and when it was delivered. Out server was delivered in great condition and we were able to go live as planned. Nice!

Reviewed by patrick-45328 on Oct 23, 2019


We contacted Navis through a recommendation from the auctioneer that we purchased an item from. From the first step to the delivery we were thrilled with the level of professionalism that we were treated to. The package (a very fragile old airplane movie prop) would have survived a tornado. We are thrilled and would absolutely use their services again.

Reviewed by dondougansculptor on Oct 23, 2019


All aspects of the packing and shipping were handled professionally and well done. Couldn't be more happy with the service — keep up the good work.

Reviewed by stephanie-78786 on Oct 22, 2019


The merchants at Navis were extremely helpful in giving us a cost-effective and quick shipment method. They met all of our shipping needs and were timely with their pick-up and delivery. I highly recommend them and will definitely be using them in the future!

Reviewed by mariaf-51881 on Oct 22, 2019


We are a CT Transportation and need a redelivery agent in Salt Lake City, UT. Navis was very easy to deal with, excellent communication , did as we asked and all went very smoothly. Thanks for the great job!

Reviewed by MiriamEllis on Oct 21, 2019


Delivery was seamless! Thank you!

Reviewed by tmyers-24769 on Oct 19, 2019


Thanks for making my job easier. I'll be calling you for this type of work more often.

Reviewed by lindal-78309 on Oct 17, 2019


I called Gregg, he came out the same day to look at our shipment. He sent me a quote and came back the next day to pick up our items. He returned the completed crate in a couple of days. Service was amazing as always.

Reviewed by info-49135 on Oct 17, 2019


When shipping paintings, from a deceased artist, that are irreplaceable, to destinations around the world, our responsibility to the artists' legacy is immense. So we put them in the hands of Peter and Rebecca at Navis and wait, secure in knowing the confirmations of their safe arrival is consistently imminent. Thanks for all your help! Christopher P.

Reviewed by markhbower-96658 on Oct 17, 2019


Anthony and the Navis team picked up my auction item and got it packaged and shipped in flash. Much thanks. Mark

Reviewed by zhang498 on Oct 15, 2019


I am very happy to use Navis Pack and Ship service. Everything goes smoothly and truly it's professional service.

Reviewed by tkmcsunas on Oct 15, 2019


They took great care of the 2 pcs of furniture and got them delivered safely and quickly to the destination!

Reviewed by ChrisPetillo on Oct 11, 2019


Very reliable and easy to work with

Reviewed by info-57214 on Oct 10, 2019


Great Communication and was a pleasure to work with you.

Reviewed by TracyBennett-44267 on Oct 10, 2019


Made the call and they took care of the rest. Effortless Service without the worry.

Reviewed by gnalch on Oct 9, 2019


I made an online purchase in a distant city, and the Navis team in Indianapolis went above and beyond. They picked up the item from the seller, packed it up and shipped it to me. They were professional and thorough. I recommend Navis for your next shipping need.

Reviewed by danlucas-13926 on Oct 9, 2019


We chose Navis to ship the doll house my wife's grandfather built for her mom in 1937. We were sending it to our granddaughter, who is with her parents who are stationed in the military in Louisiana. Navis took great care in building a crate that made sure the doll house arrived safely and now our granddaughter can be the 4th generation to enjoy playing with this wonderful family heirloom!

Reviewed by store1391 on Oct 9, 2019


I had contracted with another freight company to pick up a large crate at our location. They had the dimensions of the crate before they came to pick up but told me it was too large for a lift gate when the driver got there. I contacted Navis with the hopes that they could help me with this and they did. Not only did they help me with this but I was also happy with the price given. I would highly reccomend this company to anyone with a big job!

Reviewed by scottallen-85528 on Oct 8, 2019


We selected Navis Pack n Ship in Salt Lake City, UT to receive, inspect and deliver/install a house full of goods on a very important Interior Design installation in Park City, UT. We are an Interior Design Firm, based in Los Angeles. Finding the right receiver is integral in a successful project. Several companies were vetted for our project. Navis rose above the others quickly in our initial conversations. Communication was consistent throughout the receiving process from countless vendors of received goods. Signs of damages in packing material was identified upon receiving with shippers and reported to me as they came in. Goods with potential damage were inspected immediately. Pictures and descriptions of damages were detailed. Goods were stored until time of installation. The product list was very long, consisting of all furniture, lighting and accessories for a three bedroom house. We had some delayed items which changed our delivery dates a bit. Navis was great in juggling our needs with their existing schedule. The installation went quite smoothly overall. We had a couple very minor hiccups here and there on BOTH our parts. Gary at Navis took this as an opportunity for new structures to be put in place and remove room for error. I found this to be very professional, forward thinking and full of integrity. We had some 911's that were addressed immediately. They went above and beyond to put out our little fires for an install that was totally seamless from our client's perspective, which is what matters most to us. It was a great experience and look forward to working with them again. We are very happy to have them as part of our team for our clients in the Salt Lake City, Deer Valley and Park City area.

Reviewed by gary-47527 on Oct 8, 2019


If you are looking to ship fine art in the DC area at a reasonable price, Navis is the definitely the way to go.

Reviewed by kraigk on Oct 7, 2019


Great working with Greg and job was done very...well Happy

Reviewed by KarenMcCue on Oct 5, 2019


I had a VERY DELICATE porcelain grouping that I was SURE was going to break in shipment so I asked Navis to pack with extra care. I held my breath until I received my shipment. The box they used was HUGE which immediately gave me reassurance that they paid attention to my request. I unpacked and was amazed that my super fragile piece made it COMPLETELY SAFE! I was thrilled at the professionalism I received in this very precarious shipment. Will DEFINITELY be using them again!

Reviewed by akamunch on Oct 4, 2019


Navis picked up my vases from an auction House and packed and shipped them to me with great communication. Packed very safely. Very satisfied!

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