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Reviewed by FierceDuck-67919 on Feb 6, 2021


Navis near PHL airport did a great job packing and shipping fragile, oval, antique pictures and other fragile pictures. All arrived safe and sound to CO.

Reviewed by ZealousBeetle-34842 on Feb 5, 2021


Thank you guys for such a great service!

Reviewed by AnxiousCaribou-53134 on Feb 5, 2021


I have had Navis pack and ship several items for us. They have done a good job so far and are very good at communicating their progress.

Reviewed by joannbond on Feb 4, 2021


Guys did an excellent job. Thank you.

Reviewed by PamelaYoung535 on Feb 2, 2021


Thanks so much for the excellent service: pickup and delivery were right on time. My item arrived well packed and it great condition!

Reviewed by scottalomes on Jan 30, 2021


Professional, efficient and good customer service. Bob answered all my questions, was informative and helpful. Sculpture was delivered safely.

Reviewed by SparklingChipmunk-80753 on Jan 30, 2021


Navis Pack and Ship did exactly what theysaid they would do, and for the estimated price. All the details were well taken care of and the shipment was packed beautifully and arrived with out any problems. I will call Navis in the future.

Reviewed by russwatkins01 on Jan 29, 2021


I can’t complain at all about the speed, which I think is paramount. It was great! For what my shipment was (a coin album) I do think it was over-packed, and more expensive than it needed to be as a result, but in terms of speed and communication, I have no complaints at all. Thanks!

Reviewed by VastZebra-89246 on Jan 29, 2021


Bob and his team really went out of their way for us. We were breaking up an estate, so shipments literally went all over the country. We even missed a couple things and Bob came back to pick them up.

Reviewed by HappyMarlin-27417 on Jan 29, 2021


We had a customer that needed delivery service in the Ohio area. Navis set a firm price, received the goods, contacted the customer, and gave us stellar service. We will be using them again!

Reviewed by FaithfulDragonfly-90815 on Jan 28, 2021


SInce the beggining Patrick and his team were awesome. They clearly communicated the cost driving factors and gave a reasonable estimate. After the auction ended they made all efforts to pick the goods. The packaging was phenomenal and all goods arrived in perfect condititon. I would use them again without hesitation.

Reviewed by MistyBee-27093 on Jan 28, 2021


Good communication, well packaged, very satisfied

Reviewed by ShyRaven-43930 on Jan 23, 2021


I always use navis to ship my fine art to clients

Reviewed by FancyHedgehog-66978 on Jan 22, 2021


Very good Attention to detail

Reviewed by RunningOnTime2021 on Jan 21, 2021


I had an expensive clock shipped to me through NAVIS Pack and Ship and I am quite impressed with the care in which it was packed. I was quite pleased to find that they had obviously put a lot of work into making sure that my clock would arrive undamaged. I was also impressed with how quickly they responded to my emails. I would highly recommend this shipper to anyone who is seeking to ship a valuable item.

Reviewed by DouglasDonehoo on Jan 19, 2021


When I first asked for the quote I spoke with Louie who was very knowledgeable about what I wanted to do and was so much,immediately provided me with an estimate and a quote and when my item got to them he also called me to inform me.. processed the shipment then Elin Perez took over when it got to the payment was very professional. I was able to pay for it and the same day my package was shipped off and arrived to its destination with everything intact and just like the way they said it will. Took care of my shipping needs to the ultimate degree of professionalism and great customer care. I will definitely ship with them again!. Thank You Louie & Elin Perez.

Reviewed by SmilingFinch-95304 on Jan 16, 2021


Good customer service, communication was easy. The definitely worked with me. Will do business again.

Reviewed by ToughCrow-56855 on Jan 15, 2021


I have used Navis Pack and Ship twice and their performance has been outstanding. I shipped across the country. Their prices met my budget, they picked up the stuff on the day that they said they would, I got a tracking number and the shipments arrived on the day that was projected. Everything arrived in perfect shape on two pallets. I highly recommend them.

Reviewed by Lawrencepruss on Jan 14, 2021


I’m pleased with my shipment. Communication was great and my items arrived safely and we’re clearly prepared with care.

Reviewed by EnchantingBuffalo-63595 on Jan 12, 2021


Excellent service on all accounts, very seamless and easy!

Reviewed by Jay20886 on Jan 8, 2021


I had a great experience and highly recommend. Thank you for outstanding service.

Reviewed by PlainCaterpillar-25797 on Jan 8, 2021


Navis Pack and Ship did an excellent service from packing and shipping of my item by international carrier. I will use this company for my next shipping in the future again.

Reviewed by ProudHamster-67087 on Jan 8, 2021


The staff was very friendly and understanding. The rates are competitive and significantly cheaper than what the other big names quoted. I'll use their services again.

Reviewed by HilariousBeetle-99696 on Jan 8, 2021


Working with Rebecca was a pleasure. The piece her team moved for us was odd, fragile and very heavy, but arrived in great shape. Certainly would recommend their services and will be returning the next time we need help packing and moving a unique oddity. My thanks.

Reviewed by HealthyRaccoon-31126 on Jan 8, 2021


They took care of everything and very helpful

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