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Reviewed by Kormotion on Mar 26, 2021


I had some high-dollar items that needed to be prepped and crated. The folks at Navis really made sure to PROPERLY bubble wrap, foam-walled, and even compartmentalized within the crate to make sure everything was well protected! Was very impressed with the level of care they took.

Reviewed by FancySquirrel-4708 on Mar 26, 2021


Was packed very well and came undamaged

Reviewed by GracefulOpossum-983 on Mar 26, 2021


I was very please to use and be able to know I could ship something, like a large canvases. The folks were professional and kind. I shipped with no issues whatsoever

Reviewed by Charlieoak on Mar 26, 2021


I really appreciate your expertise. It’s my pleasure doing business with you. My special thanks goes to Patrick. He is very professional and helpful. I’m looking forward to doing business with the company in future

Reviewed by FyingDutchman1929 on Mar 25, 2021


I had an awkward item to move from California to the Netherlands. Alan couldn't have been more helpful, and he arranged to collect it, package it and ship it to me. It arrived within a few days in perfect condition. A real pleasure to deal with such friendly, helpful and competent people.

Reviewed by FriendlyHedgehog-80443 on Mar 20, 2021


Navis was utterly professional all the way, quick service and the package was amazingly secured.

Reviewed by TenseOtter-10373 on Mar 20, 2021


Lifesavers! That's one word to describe this packing and shipping company. Customer service was impeccable and the shipping times and efficiency was top notch. Cypress Medical Supplies would highly recommend them to anyone.

Reviewed by ColorfulWhale-71670 on Mar 19, 2021


They were nice to deal with, and kept me in the loop at all times.. The one problem, I cannot complete the survey 100% as the shipment has not arrived as yet.. Cheers, William.......

Reviewed by mmnowell on Mar 19, 2021


Gary, Mark and the entire team were wonderful. They helped me accommodate a fluid schedule, while picking up and delivering multiple items to multiple locations. I cannot recommend Navis enough.

Reviewed by FierceGoose-38170 on Mar 19, 2021


It was probably the best-packed art I've ever received.

Reviewed by vnvtech on Mar 18, 2021


Navis pack & ship #1104PA is a very professional logistics company. They help us to do picking up, crating and shipping. Peter will send us pictures after picking up and crating. Last time, our cargoes were trapped at Chicago for weeks because of the weather. Their staff Rebecca following up the case and push the third party freight company to complete the delivery. They are professional and trustable. Yi

Reviewed by SleepyOrca-30952 on Mar 16, 2021


Excellent service, clear communication, creative packing

Reviewed by AdorableGopher-54692 on Mar 12, 2021


Thanks again for the great service. Jeff @ The Packaging Store

Reviewed by UTHSC on Mar 10, 2021


Quick response and service! Very professional. Navis took care of packing a very large item and made sure it was available to be shipped to China. Jim was so patient with working with me. This was my first time needing to find services to pack a 610 lbs item. They came right on out and handled business. Thank you again for such great services and professionalism!

Reviewed by CleanDragon-9061 on Mar 5, 2021


My equipment was expertly packed and arrived into Canada in great shape. Highly recommend Navis as your shipper!

Reviewed by CuteZebra-39531 on Mar 5, 2021


Great Experience with Navis. They are very responsive and super helpful

Reviewed by ElegantLion-23743 on Mar 5, 2021


Communication was good throughout the process. Items were packed securely and arrived in great shape. Price was a little high, but was pleasantly surprised when I received a message that the items could be consolidated into one shipment which save me over $100. Overall, these guys are top notch and remember, you get what you pay for.

Reviewed by EncouragingSparrow-5788 on Mar 2, 2021


I have used Navis Pack and Ship several times over the last few years. Every time has been worthwhile with no damage to my artwork and the shipments have always arrived ontime. They are careful, polite, and communicate very effectively all the way through the process. I will continue to use them.

Reviewed by jacquypfeiffer on Feb 27, 2021


Great experience as Navis pack offers a top notch service from A to Z! The item's shipped were very fragile and the packing is the best I have ever seen! Thank you navis Pack for paying attention to all the details!

Reviewed by MagnificentBeetle-43211 on Feb 26, 2021


Excellent packing and fast delivery A++++

Reviewed by CrowdedManatee-35359 on Feb 26, 2021


Enjoyed working with the company.

Reviewed by BetterBoa-81185 on Feb 26, 2021


I had an amazing incredibly large painting to ship to the a west coast that arrived safely. They did an amazing job constructing its traveling cocoon. Wonderful company! Also very prompt in all customer service communications as well.

Reviewed by PlainPartridge-78559 on Feb 26, 2021


Navis crew was quick to pack all the materials. They were in and out with respect of property and care of what was being shipped.

Reviewed by LivelyBison-36738 on Feb 26, 2021


They kept me updated with with the status throughout the process, and made sure I was aware when delays (outside of their control) occured. Great working with them.

Reviewed by FoolishButterfly-21585 on Feb 26, 2021


I purchased a painting from an online auction that had tremendous sentimental value - it had been in my childhood home. The people at Navis, from top to bottom worked with me to pack it with the utmost care, arrange reliable shipping and kept me informed all along the way. I recommend using them whenever you can, and if I have the opportunity, will do so as well.

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