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Reviewed by kimberly-25042 on May 28, 2019

I am a shipper located in Georgia, Alan was very helpful with assisting me getting items picked up in California, packed and shipped.

Reviewed by cristine-31787 on May 28, 2019

the packers were not well informed

Reviewed by art-78218 on May 22, 2019

NAVIS was very helpful! I had a bit of a difficult time from customer wanting their address changed, but NAVIS was very helpful stopping shipment and waiting on me getting the final address :)

Reviewed by chiphayward on May 21, 2019

Did a good job creating the crate, Only reason not to give 5 stars was a confusion of the crate size I asked for and a subsequent higher price. I would use them again if I have a need in the area.

Reviewed by riptoo on May 20, 2019

Cost just about killed us

Reviewed by JohnnySandhu on May 20, 2019

Good Advice from Peter and yes he is well packed with experience.

Reviewed by danny-93350 on May 15, 2019

Ray and his team were very accommodating did a great job on a delivery of some artwork for me. They treated the customer like their own, arrived on time and were very friendly and helpful! Will use them for any more work I have in Canada!

Reviewed by Thorval49 on May 14, 2019

Quick and efficient, excellent updates on delivery status.

Reviewed by bdef06 on May 14, 2019

Excellent experience in setting up the whole job-good customer service at that time. Excellent experience with pick up of the items, which was at the expected time. Poor experience with delivery, because although I told Navis the last part of the trip would be on a narrow dirt road, the delivery truck for that segment was too large to navigate the road, and too heavy for a dirt road posted in mud season, so I had to ask the driver to unpack the large crate of items, and then I had to take each item myself in my car in several trips for that last 1/2 mile.
One box arrived torn open, and some items in that box were dispersed in the truck and ripped.

Reviewed by ashley-9806 on May 13, 2019

Not only was everyone extremely friendly but they were quick to deliver and always quick to reply if I had any questions.

Reviewed by davidblack-70134 on May 13, 2019

Everything was smooth from start to receiving.
Thanks Navis.

Reviewed by mneufeld1022 on May 13, 2019

I can’t say enough about the wonderful experience, the entire staff was focused on my shipping needs. I highly recommend Navis Pack and Ship.

Reviewed by 2helenlee on May 8, 2019

We are happy with the care and professionalism of Navis Pack and Ship. Thank you very much for the help, Alan!

Reviewed by marisapalombi on May 8, 2019

Great Service and excellent to deal with

Reviewed by ahmedfawzy8922 on May 6, 2019

Very good shipping company good price fast shipping

Reviewed by tcenterprises5 on May 1, 2019

I have worked with several Navis locations in the past as well as other pack and ship companies. I have to say Jim Shaver did an outstanding job for me. Did exactly as he said, when he said. These guys are on the ball. Will use again. Thank you Jim.

Reviewed by frankmc-27112 on May 1, 2019

Very helpful planning pickup/move, great help in working through options, shipped a lot of fragile musical equipment and everything arrives across country in perfect condition. Excellent packing/crating. Highly recommend.

Reviewed by ecr96999 on April 30, 2019

The people at Navis were outstanding professionals who took great care to make sure my items arrived in good condition. The packing and crating of items in my mom's was done perfectly to prepare for the long trip from New York to my home inj South Carolina.I highly recommend Navis to anyone needing similar services. Also, their written up-front estimate was very close to the final cost which was based on the weight of all the items. Thank you, Navis!

Reviewed by Cdlmn23 on April 30, 2019

It worked out very well and we were pleased that Navis had been recommended to us.

Reviewed by mccashman on April 24, 2019

Package arrived perfectly and in a timely manner. Great professional service. Thank you!!!

Reviewed by lemoire on April 24, 2019

Exemplary service throughout an international move of five large, delicate artworks. Absolutely perfect outcome and no damage whatsoever. Museum standard, and worth the investment.

Reviewed by pedromaciel on April 24, 2019


Reviewed by pecrum on April 24, 2019

The delivery man was excellent

Reviewed by cowsmom67 on April 22, 2019

The service was great. Bob Gray always answered or returned calls promptly. The packers arrived on time, the two shipments arrived at their destinations safely and on time, and the price was a bit better than competitors with lower ratings. It is expensive to ship furniture across the country, but ours was in good hands. Thank you!

Reviewed by ginnie4g on April 17, 2019

Desk was packed well and was delivered in the same condition that it was in before the move. Owner was reasonable in resolving one area of concern. THANKS for your service.