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Reviewed by meganwolf-40214 on August 10, 2018

the Navis team did what others couldn't, and followed instructions perfectly! absolute pleasure to work with!

Reviewed by KevinBattle on August 10, 2018

Navis has always responded quickly to our request and always delivers first-rate service.

Reviewed by glitzenb on August 9, 2018

Requested two paintings to be shipped. Both arrived shortly after notification. Bubble wrap could have been used as an extra precaution, but both packages arrived safely, and quickly. No damage. Thank you Navis Pack and Ship!

Reviewed by johnny-46996 on August 8, 2018

Thank you! Your team was amazing. Very responsive and helpful throughout; particularly in light of our chronic, ever demanding, needs changing, the customer in Mexico City. We couldn't be more pleased as always with Navis. Well done!

Reviewed by cerfsky-44581 on August 7, 2018

best price... great communication... a pleasure to work with

Reviewed by dianenova on August 7, 2018

Everyone reached out to make sure that our shipment was processed as we needed. look forward to working with them again

Reviewed by bevsiligmueller on August 6, 2018

Expert execution. Thanks!

Reviewed by artxnuc on August 6, 2018

I found Navis Shipping to deliver my very large heavy painting from Auction house to my address several states away. Painting arrived crated professional and delivered to my door in excellent condition and within a week. I will only use Navis for my antiques and painting. Ron’s estimate was less than FedEx or UPS. Talk to Ron and get your shipping done right.

Reviewed by invernes on August 6, 2018

This operation does a fine job. They may cost a few dollars more but well worth it.

Reviewed by coster65 on August 2, 2018

I have used this particular Navis to ship multiple times. Steve is a pleasure to work with. If you want your items packaged safely, delivered on time, and for a very reasonable price, I would highly recommend this Navis location.

Reviewed by lauriecasseday on July 31, 2018

We were inexperienced shipping a large item cross country, and Joann explained it all to us, got a quote fast, and we shipped that afternoon. All went well.

Reviewed by Art-67351 on July 31, 2018

It was perfect from the time I called to inquire about services to the notifications that it had been delivered. Easy, hassle free, which is so nice now a days! Thank you to Melissa, wonderful customer service in Jacksonville! Thank you! I WILL use your services again!

Reviewed by ShawnSmith-60822 on July 31, 2018

Love these guys. they do great work.

Reviewed by IanMcSpadden on July 30, 2018

Great full service company form order, to pickup to delivery...

Reviewed by art-45113 on July 29, 2018

very personal and efficient. They secure my art shipments every time to elevate any worries

Reviewed by ggfordsr on July 29, 2018

Affordable qoute, well packed, on time, and everything intact, no damage. YEAH.

Reviewed by pedro-1971 on July 27, 2018

Navis never fails. Navis never disappoints. Navis came through for me in our customer's time of need and at a reasonable price.

Reviewed by charltonwilliams on July 26, 2018

Kristina and Greg were a pleasure to deal with. Shipment was handled beautifully.

Reviewed by Peter Kostes on July 25, 2018

My family recently had to ship a small amount of household items after we traveled to the Orlando area to liquidate the estate of a relative who passed away. We processed two out-of-state orders (to Nevada and Connecticut) with Navis. Even though our shipments were small (including several clocks and a heavy table) compared to some of the large jobs the firm routinely handles, Ron Howe with Navis provided great, friendly customer service and attention during the ordering process. The packaging of our items was fantastic and all our goods arrived intact. I would highly recommend using their shipping services. Thanks again to Ron and the staff at Navis. pk

Reviewed by smulkern on July 24, 2018

The shipper provided great communication throughout the process and I was very impressed with the packing job they did on a very old and fragile item. The delivery driver was prompt, friendly and courteous, and went the extra mile in making it easy to unpack safely. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone shipping cross country.

Reviewed by nancyange on July 24, 2018

Always good service. Friendly and professional.

Reviewed by dvolk-20085 on July 23, 2018

very helpful was pleased with how the whole think went

Reviewed by jalexanderrein on July 23, 2018

Excellent Domestic pickup, palletising, wrapping & delivery

Reviewed by AnthonyUngar on July 20, 2018

I needed to ship two large oil paintings internationally. I was very pleased with the way in which Navis handled my project, from estimate to delivery, with efficiency and care.

Reviewed by rovieriel on July 19, 2018

I needed to ship out a large display case last minute. Employees were helpful and quick to support.