Many computer owners aren’t aware of how fragile their computers are until the time comes to ship them; and computer shipping can be a very confusing process for some. Computer shipping requires careful preparation of thedevice for the physical bumps it will take during shipping as well as the possibility of static electric shocks.

To prepare for the physical aspect of computer shipping, a shipping company will use some standard materials orcustom made shipping cases for each computer. Styrofoam and the like can be used for computer shipping, but it'sbest to avoid plastic bubble packaging and other standard shipping materials as these do not provide sufficient protection.

For static protection, special anti-static bags and tapes are used for each computer component. This preventsthe buildup of static electricity, which can instantly fry a computer's electronics. Static protection is particularlyimportant during dry seasons like the winter and fall.

Before shipping a computer, find a company that uses the correct supplies for shipping. Computers can be easilydamaged by incorrect shipping techniques, but the right company with the proper materials can ship computerseasily, inexpensively, and, most importantly, safely to their destinations.

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