Posted on 09/10 at 11:40 AM
Shipping a TV can prove to be a difficult task if you do not have the right supplies or are unsure of how to properly package it. We are going to walk you through the supplies you’ll want and things to consider when...Read More
Posted on 08/08 at 02:45 PM
Couldn’t be happier they took the leap NFIB members Peter and Rebecca Michaelson decided to start their own business in their late 50’s. Peter had spent three decades in corporate marketing. Rebecca ran a non-profit.  They...Read More
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Searching for antiques on sale in your neighborhood can be exciting and the satisfaction you get when you find the perfect antique piece to add to your collection is incomparable. Or perhaps you’re only looking for antique...Read More
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Updating your home or business with a unique piece of art will increase value to a room. Whether it’s simply adding a painting to an empty wall or placing a sculpture in the middle of a space, the room value will surely go...Read More
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If you’re a business start-up or have already logged in a few years in your industry, you may know the difficulties of finding the right company to supply your business furniture needs. After all, your employees may require...Read More
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Choosing the right guitar, keyboard or other music instrument to purchase can be a journey. You’ve done your research already; you’ve read critic reviews in magazines and online, watched video tutorials, and read through...Read More
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Are you an antique enthusiast looking to purchase or sell artwork? Perhaps, you’re just wanting to buy vintage art to add more vibrancy your home or business. Well, if you’re looking to do any of these things, consider David...Read More
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Hunting for the right kind of furniture for your home or business can be rewarding, but also challenging. Before you go out driving to your nearest furniture store, it’s best to do your research first to find out which...Read More
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So, you decided it’s time for new furniture. You go on the Internet via your computer, laptop or mobile device, and start searching immediately for home furnishings and décor near you. Before you know it, you’ve spent hours...Read More
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The winter holidays are a time for celebration among friends and family around great food and drinks. Being in charge of hosting such a festive event takes a lot of thought and preparation. The party decor may take time to...Read More

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