Posted on 12/15 at 08:00 AM
The race to find great gifts is always a tough one. You want to be original, but you also want it to be convenient—not exactly the easiest combination. But that’s why sites like eBay and Etsy have flourished. You can...Read More
Posted on 12/11 at 06:00 AM
The Rocky Mountains and the Wasatch National Forest are two of America’s most prized national treasures. Alone, they are two majestic awe-inspiring natural wonders. And the result of fusion of these landmarks is complete...Read More
Posted on 12/09 at 06:00 AM
If you’ve been hunting around for the perfect gift, you’re probably stumped. After all, big box store competition is fierce, and we’re sure your mailbox has been flooded with for-sale fliers. But maybe you want an item that’...Read More
Posted on 12/01 at 09:46 AM
So you’re ready to achieve your lifelong childhood dream of owning a classic arcade game, or you're helping fulfill a fantasy for a loved one this holiday season. From whether you're going to go for Galaga or Street Fighter...Read More
Posted on 11/26 at 01:21 PM
It’s easy to assume that since Mexico is a country that borders the United States, shipping high value items like rare art, and vintage, upscale furniture would be a somewhat simple process. But there are several crucial...Read More
Posted on 11/26 at 08:00 AM
As an art collector, you love your pieces. They’re more than just items that hang on the walls of your home. They’re a part of you. If you’re an artist looking to ship your work abroad, you probably have the same concerns...Read More
Posted on 11/25 at 08:00 AM
The rise of the independent coffee chain means it’s harder for shops to stand out. The market is competitive, and it seems a new shop pops up practically every day. But San Francisco-based Philz Coffee stands out. The shop...Read More
Posted on 11/20 at 08:00 AM
Some people aren't looking for the white picket fence, the stable 9-5, the reliable chain restaurant around the corner. Some people seek adventure, and when the opportunity to move abroad knocks on their door, they're...Read More
Posted on 11/13 at 08:00 AM
The Nelson-Atkins Museum is considered one of the finest art museums in the country. And for good reasons too. Starting with the exterior, the Kansas City, Missouri, building is one of the most prominent neoclassical...Read More
Posted on 11/12 at 09:51 AM
When Randy Sloan, owner of A Life Designed, needed to ship a Ralph Lauren Club Chair to a client, he turned to Navis Pack & Ship in Phoenix, AZ. Here is Randy’s feedback on the job well done by the team at Navis:“As...Read More

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