Posted on 10/25 at 10:13 PM
Logistics play a vital role in equipment shipping. From packing materials to timely deliveries, they enable a shipping company to effectively meet consumer demands. Logistics manage the flow of information, parcels and...Read More
Posted on 10/21 at 10:47 PM
Electronics shipping is a highly specialized service that provides the utmost protection for sensitive and delicate electronics equipment. Electronics shipping logistics has to take into account the specialized packing,...Read More
Posted on 10/15 at 11:31 PM
Many computer owners aren’t aware of how fragile their computers are until the time comes to ship them; and computer shipping can be a very confusing process for some. Computer shipping requires careful preparation of...Read More
Posted on 10/11 at 07:16 PM
Navis Pack & Ship Franchise Operators, their employees, and Navis Corporate staff recently attended the 2010 Navis Summit in Denver, CO September 23 - 26. The annual conference allowed attendees to network with their...Read More
Posted on 10/07 at 09:01 PM
It’s nearing the time for the seventh Harry Potter movie to come to theaters. Since it’s unofficial Harry Potter season and we enjoy transporting your goods nationally and internationally we’ve taken a look at all the ways...Read More
Posted on 10/05 at 05:48 PM
To ship painting pieces, it's essential to plan properly and to choose a company with solid shipping experience. Paintings are easily affected by the heat and vibration of standard shipping practices and must be treated...Read More
Posted on 10/04 at 05:39 PM
Navis Pack & Ship of Jacksonville continues to partner with the Peter O'Neill Gallery for their art shipping and art crating needs. The renowned artist recently completed a series of 12 original oil paintings as part of...Read More
Posted on 09/27 at 08:52 PM
There are many shipping services available, so it is important to research them before selecting a company. No one wants to deal with lost items or problems related to shipping and here are some ways to determine whether a...Read More
Posted on 09/23 at 05:21 PM
Outlined here are some ways to promote your work online. You certainly don’t need to use all of these services and the list is in no way exhaustive, but getting the right combination of one or two of them can help you find a...Read More
Posted on 09/20 at 09:40 PM
When you decide to ship antiques, it’s important to choose a reputable shipping company with experience in working with fragile items. Many older antiques require highly specific techniques to prevent damage from shipping...Read More

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