Posted on 07/08 at 05:21 PM
A loyal customer who collects bicycle rickshaws has come to rely on Navis Pack & Ship locations to pack, ship, and deliver his prized treasures. Navis Pack & Ship of Raleigh, Navis Pack & Ship of Minneapolis and...Read More
Posted on 07/08 at 04:48 PM
In addition to shipping race cars and antique ranges, Navis Pack & Ship of Charlotte also handles delicate medical equipment. Starting last year and continuing today, they crate MRI machines for Block Imaging...Read More
Posted on 07/08 at 04:33 PM
Navis Pack & Ship of Toronto recently shipped a mechanical moose to and from the television production of “Haven”.  Haven is a new 13-part hour long Showcase original series that centres around the small town of...Read More
Posted on 06/18 at 07:45 PM
Navis Pack & Ship of Charlotte thrives on shipping fragile, large, awkward and valuable items for its customers. Recently, it was able to add an antique Frigidaire Range (circa 1950) to its resume. Navis picked up, ...Read More
Posted on 06/18 at 03:00 PM
Since 2007, Navis Pack & Ship of Raleigh has been partnering with local artist Linda Solby to pack and ship amazing handcrafted garden benches. Sold on her website, the benches are covered with a mosaic created from...Read More
Posted on 06/17 at 03:15 PM
A local customer recently contracted Navis Pack & Ship of Charlotte to pack and ship the below Mercedes convertible hard top that was in outstanding condition. This was an eBay sale that brought over $5,000 for the top...Read More
Posted on 06/16 at 07:33 PM
Navis Pack & Ship of Charlotte understands how important the sport of NASCAR is to its fans across the world and especially the North Carolina community. So it jumped at the opportunity to ship two NASCAR Sprint Cup cars...Read More
Posted on 06/16 at 06:52 PM
A customer who recently used Navis Pack & Ship of Sacramento for packing and shipping was so impressed, he suggested we update our slogan. Thank you… Also wanted to say the packing job was excellent.  “Never fear Navis...Read More
Posted on 06/15 at 05:34 PM
In an effort to showcase items they have been packing, crating and shipping on behalf of their customers, Navis Pack & Ship of Charlotte put together a short video on YouTube.  Click below to check it out!     For...Read More
Posted on 06/02 at 09:21 PM
Navis Pack & Ship of Cambridge is proud to sponsor two upcoming Cambridge art community events. The Cambridge Arts Festival will be held on Saturday, June 5th at Cambridge City Hall.  Since 1995, the Cambridge Arts...Read More

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